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Relaxation and well-being

Discover our massage treatments

A hollistic cranial massage can relieve certain tensions and pains in your body and can bring you total well-being. It harmonizes and rebalances your body and your energy, it stimulates blood circulation in our skull and neck. It also helps eliminate toxins and unclogs the bulb of excess sebaceous tissue. It can also resolve certain hair imbalances.

Our services

We offer you 3 massage rituals for a moment of relaxation while taking care of your hair and scalp.

Duration 1h30 in an isolated space

Rituals awakening the senses

The treatment begins with a hair diagnosis with our trichological camera, followed by an exfoliation of the scalp to oxygenate it. Relax with AirPods playing soothing music and warm flax seeds on the back of your neck for muscle relaxation.

Then enjoy a massage of the hands, neck and shoulders. The experience continues with hot oil applied to the scalp and a massage of 17 gestures synchronized with music, offering 20 minutes of well-being. A relaxing shampoo and mask complete the treatment, followed by a hair massage to stimulate the hair roots.

To conclude, enjoy a green tea and receive a gift bottle of Nashi shampoo.

Duration 60min in an isolated space

Escape rituals

We will carry out an in-depth diagnosis with a trichological camera in order to detect the various anomalies. We connect thanks to the AirPods that we install for you with relaxing music.

Warm flax seeds, placed around your neck to begin muscle relaxation while we perform a hand massage. We begin the neck and shoulder massage, after applying hot oil to the scalp then we continue with a cranial massage for 10 minutes for total relaxation. This is followed by a shampoo and conditioner with a gentle massage.

You will be offered a green tea to rehydrate you.

Duration 40min in an isolated space

Discovery rituals

Start your experience with an in-depth analysis of your scalp using our trichology camera. This precise tool helps us personalize your treatment, ensuring a response tailored to your hair needs. Then, enjoy a revitalizing scrub to oxygenate and purify your scalp, preparing your hair to fully absorb the benefits of the following treatments.

La relaxation se poursuit avec un shampoing nourrissant, accompagné d’un modelage doux qui enveloppe vos sens dans un état de bien-être profond. This step purifies and soothes, leaving your hair clean and refreshed.

Our discovery ritual is an invitation to relax and refocus, a moment of calm in your daily life.