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The Brigitte Maillard hair salon offers two types of hair coloring to meet all your expectations. Oxidation colorings, available in a wide range of colors to satisfy all your desires. We also offer plant-based colorings, 100% natural, organic and vegan, for those who prefer a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Oxidation colorings

In our salon we work with quality oxidation colorings based on argan oil and linseed oil for the greatest respect for your hair. Drawing on my experience, I advise you with my colleague in choosing your color. You will have a private consultation which will allow us to determine the color that best suits you.




Tweed hair

Hair highlights



100% natural coloring

Gaia plant coloring

The Brigitte Maillard hair salon is committed to offering hair coloring solutions that are both environmentally friendly and beneficial for the health of your hair. Our Gaïa plant-based colorings, certified organic and vegan, are made from natural ingredients such as henna and indigo, enriched with Ayurvedic plants.

Natural colors

Gaïa plant coloring is the result of 15 years of research, 100% based on organic dye and Ayurvedic plants, Vegan and Natrue certified. It is constantly improved to offer you the best in vegetable coloring.

Our gaia colorings

Come and try natural coloring with our color experts

The only limitations of vegetable coloring are that you cannot lighten a hair, and you cannot obtain ashy tones.

Total coverage of white hair

Whatever the hair type, Gaïa colors can completely cover white hair. With vegetable coloring, the root effect is also less marked than with chemical coloring.

Very good durability over time

Gaïa coloring does not fade over the weeks, quite the contrary! The result is permanent and the color of naturally dyed hair becomes deeper and more beautiful over time.

Vibrant, natural colors

With 100% plant-based Couleurs Gaïa colorings, damaged, dry or dull hair regains natural shades, volume and shine thanks to Ayurvedic plants.

Show it in all the colors!

Our techniques allow us to offer tailor-made results and a wide range of colors to meet everyone’s desires. From blonde to black, including chestnut, brown and red, there is something for everyone!